PostTypes v2.2

Simple WordPress custom post types.



Install with composer

Run the following in your terminal to install PostTypes with Composer.

$ composer require jjgrainger/posttypes

PostTypes uses PSR-4 autoloading and can be used with the Composer's autoloader. Below is a basic example of getting started, though your setup may be different depending on how you are using Composer.

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use PostTypes\PostType;

$books = new PostType( 'book' );


See Composer's basic usage guide for details on working with Composer and autoloading.

Basic Usage

Below is a basic example of setting up a simple book post type with a genre taxonomy. For more information, check out the online documentation here.

// Require the Composer autoloader.
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Import PostTypes.
use PostTypes\PostType;
use PostTypes\Taxonomy;

// Create a book post type.
$books = new PostType( 'book' );

// Attach the genre taxonomy (which is created below).
$books->taxonomy( 'genre' );

// Hide the date and author columns.
$books->columns()->hide( [ 'date', 'author' ] );

// Set the Books menu icon.
$books->icon( 'dashicons-book-alt' );

// Register the post type to WordPress.

// Create a genre taxonomy.
$genres = new Taxonomy( 'genre' );

// Set options for the taxonomy.
$genres->options( [
    'hierarchical' => false,
] );

// Register the taxonomy to WordPress.



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